How IbisVision helps with remote patient monitoring

Thu 16th February 2023

Remote patient monitoring extends the reach of caregivers, potentially improving patient outcomes and reducing costs for both the patient and provider. This kind of technology is now often used as a healthcare delivery method to monitor a patient’s health outside of clinical settings while still maintaining a connection with the healthcare provider.

Healthcare organisations are using technology more and more as a method of patient monitoring. It’s a real time-saver for professionals and saves the patient from travelling to and from follow-up appointments. Optometry is one sector that could benefit from this kind of solution and has the potential to follow suit and embrace a new way of delivering care.


How does IbisVision help with remote patient monitoring?  

Our platform has a multitude of uses and with a live connection to the optometrist, IBIS-Connect can facilitate a number of different types of appointments. Of course, one of the main reasons an optometrist uses IBIS-Connect is for remote eye examinations but what else do we support?

  • Follow-up appointments required after check-ups
  • Check-in appointments with patients after surgery
  • Check-in appointments for patients with ongoing eye conditions who require extra care and advice
  • Emergency appointments
  • Very soon we will also be able to facilitate the update of prescriptions through our online refraction resting

Our technology allows for the relationship between the optometrist and patient to be maintained and remote monitoring capabilities are a key part of our platform. Whether you need a verbal check-in or to complete a few eye exams online, there’s something to suit each type of appointment. And of course, it gives the eye care professional the opportunity to assess whether a patient needs to visit them in-person, saving time and costs to both.

Take a look at our IBIS-Connect platform and see for yourself by booking a demo with our team. You can do this by clicking, here.

You can also see our platform working in real-time if you’re attending 100% Optical in London or Vision Expo East this March – we look forward to seeing you there!