IBIS-Focus: Staying up to date with the latest telemedicine developments

Wed 17th August 2022

Telemedicine is evolving year on year and adoption is picking up the pace in 2022. Having been taken on by many organisations across the globe, the developments keep on coming in the telemedicine space. And, with the rate of adoption and investment into telemedicine, it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments but whether you are already using a telemedicine solution or are looking to adopt one, finding out what’s happening right now and what’s coming up could be vital to your success in its implementation.

Telemedicine is no longer only a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has accelerated the development of the technology. 74% of patients in the US have said they would use telehealth services (American Hospital Association), so it seems that now is the time to embrace this innovation across the healthcare sector.

What are the telehealth trends to keep on top of?

The latest devices

Technology is what is pushing telemedicine forward and new devices are rising in the market to accompany this trend. What kind of devices are we talking about? Innovations such as telemonitoring devices, remote monitoring centres and voice recognition are appearing more and more to accompany and push telemedicine to the next level.

Patients are embracing virtual care

Telemedicine is being used by all generations; it’s not limited to any specific demographic and is being adopted by multiple demographics. It is however, proving to be popular among women with 60% of telehealth patients being from that demographic (chghealthcare.com).

Why is it being embraced?

Convenience of use
Quick access online
Protection from being exposed to other illnesses. This is considered an aftermath effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These types of benefits are often hard to come by in face to face care for a number of reasons so it’s expected that the popularity of remote testing will continue well into the future.

Innovation and disruption

Innovation in new telehealth technology is keeping up with medical enhancements and is finding its way into new specialities. It’s also branching out into new methods and ways of reaching patients with Telehealth Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and wearables being on the rise. These could be noted as two of the most prominent trends in telemedicine (acuitykp.com). IoMT tools help clinicians to monitor patients at home and healthcare technology providers are also investing in software that connects patients and physicians through physical devices.

The introduction and expansion of rural telehealth

Rural areas where clinics and certain specialities may not be available can benefit hugely from telehealth. This does, however, come with its own challenges as rural areas often have a lack of high-speed internet and a need for technological training. In any case, telemedicine solutions becoming available in rural areas will be an ongoing journey and development piece that will need to be paid close attention to.

Keeping up with telemedicine trends can be a large job on its own but one that’s worthwhile, especially if you are a provider in this space or use it as part of your customer/patient journey. IbisVision is continuously investing in our telemedicine platform and taking on board what our clients are looking for as well as the market with our latest developments.

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