IbisVision to launch breakthrough refraction technology for over-the-Internet eye prescriptions at Las Vegas Expo

Wed 20th September 2023

IbisVision, the Glasgow-based company that’s leading the move to remote and over-the-Internet eyecare, has unveiled breakthrough technology, the first of its kind, that allows for optometrists to determine a prescription over the Internet, with hardware that’s a fraction of the cost of traditional eyecare systems.

The company, backed by a consortium led by Miami-based Compiler VC in a recent $5.6 million funding round, will launch its updated Ibis-Connect platform at the Vision Expo West conference in Las Vegas later this month. It is envisaged that many of the larger US optical players, as well as regional operators and independent optical businesses, will be interested in what is the first truly objective over-the-Internet technology from which to prescribe corrective lenses. Not only does the system just require a simple internet connection, the patient uses a proprietary Remote Refraction Tool (RRT) that costs a few cents to produce, compared to the traditional machines that can cost thousands of dollars for opticians to acquire.

The system aligns with IbisVision’s philosophy of delivering eyecare and treatment over the Internet, while maintaining clinical excellence and the full involvement of eyecare professionals. The platform, which is currently undergoing rigorous clinical trials, can work through the most basic of computers and Internet connections and uses a simple and intuitive interface to ensure high quality reliable readings from the patient, all overseen by eyecare professionals based wherever the optometry business chooses. The technology builds on IbisVision’s existing eye-health Internet platform, whose capabilities have expanded from a single test to now offering 11 different eye exams, and bases its accuracy on being able to continually measure the patient’s distance from the camera on their computer.

Ultimately, the technology allows for a full end-to-end remote experience for patients who may be too busy or find it difficult to attend a clinic in person. The issuing of prescriptions can be combined with existing technology that allows patients to try various glasses virtually to find the best fit, look and style.

The company is ready to engage with clients – it’s FDA listed, CE marked and HIPAA compliant – and has appointed a new Miami-based Head of US Operations to oversee its business throughout the US.

Commenting on the launch, IbisVision CEO Mark Roger said “This is the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for – allowing an optometrist to test for and issue a prescription online. This opens up huge potential not only in making eyecare available to all, but in turbocharging e-commerce behind the optometry industry, and allowing for optometrists to serve communities without investing vast amounts in cumbersome machinery. We’re delighted to be launching this at the world’s biggest optometry Expo where we expect to receive strong support and interest.”

Find the IbisVision team at Vision Expo West from 28-30 September at Booth #PAN2051. Book an appointment to speak with our CEO, Head of Partnerships or Head of US Operations at the show, here.



Technical notes

IbisVision’s patent pending technology is based on similar principles to an autorefractor and seeks to find the refractive error using superimposing images projected onto the patients retina and monitoring the distance from the screen at which the images converge into one. The procedure is carried out on two further axes and an algorithm is used to model the curvature of the eye and thus predict the refractive error, objectively identify any astigmatism, and output a corrective prescription in a conventional sphere/cylinder/axis format.


About IbisVision: 

IbisVision’s purpose is to offer innovative eye technology that revolutionizes the customer journey, increases efficiency, and makes eye care more widely accessible. Providing multiple tests on a single cloud-based platform gives universal accessibility with a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model dramatically reducing capital expenditure. The IbisVision platform allows optical professionals to remotely examine eyes using a 11 tests including 24–2, Amsler Grid, Color Vision, Visual Acuity, Visual Field and now a Refraction test. This allows for clinicians to interact with and support their patients while they assess vision remotely as well as detecting conditions such as glaucoma, a serious ailment that can cause the loss of sight, all without any need for direct contact between the medical professional and patient. IbisVision is backed by leading investors including Compiler VC, Deepbridge and Scottish Growth Investments.  More information is available at www.ibis.vision


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