If you want good eyesight anywhere, you’re gonna need it in Las Vegas!

Fri 09th September 2022

Okay, we know that any blog about going to Las Vegas is going to ride on the back of popular memes about this well-known gambling mecca in the middle of Nevada, but if there’s one place where you want good eyesight it’s got to be this city (c’mon, we’re an eyecare tech company so we had to slip that in as well!)

Firstly, at night the place is a visual cornucopia, and mass of flashing lights that want to entice you into this and that emporium, restaurant or bar. We’re looking forward to wandering aimlessly down the strip and also dropping into some of the best-known hotels: Caesar’s Palace, the Luxor, the Venetian, the Bellagio.

Of course some of these hotels are also host to some of the world’s best known casinos. But let’s face it, we’re a careful canny Scottish company so probably no huge outlay of our personal funds here, but we’re quite happy to watch the spectacle of amateur and professional gamblers blowing money here, there and everywhere.

And let’s not forget that within travelling distance are amazing natural sights including the Grand Canyon. From the money we don’t spend in the casino we might put towards a trip there.

And finally we want to see some sun! Las Vegas has about 28 sunny or partly sunny days on average in September. We’re coming from Glasgow, where it rains on average 14 days in the month. Ugh!

Sunglasses on, eyes wide open, the bright lights a’ beckon, here we go!