IbisVision takes facial recognition to next level with new developer Will Silva

Wed 11th August 2021

Press release, August 2021:

IbisVision, the groundbreaking Glasgow company whose platform allows opticians to perform remote eye tests with patients in any location, has created a new role of lead developer as it builds world leading software for facial recognition. The company has hired Will Silva, a Brazilian IT specialist, for the senior management role that will bring in house functions previously outsourced to consultancies.

Silva will initially lead the focus on developing facial recognition mechanisms that detect movement and so allow for patients to undergo accurate eye tests from the comfort of their own home and over their own computer. Eye tests normally require a fixed patient position to maintain accuracy in the readings, and traditionally optical equipment has relied on furniture to keep patients still during the procedure. IbisVision’s innovative solution mitigates for the movements that patients often make even when attempting to hold still.

Silva’s central principles in building the IbisVision platform are modularity, which means that the platform can allow for any number of different configurations depending on the needs of optometrists, and an open API (application programming interface), which allows for third-party and white label integration, which in turn vastly extends the commercial potential of the platform.

Silva, 33 and originally from São Paulo, has taken the lead development role on a number of other innovative businesses that require client interaction. He cites his experience in building a multi-user taxi hailing platform in Brazil as foundational experience for the IbisVision platform because it centred on allowing multiple users to interact with each other. This approach will allow optometrists, patients and third parties to all use seamlessly the same IbisVision interface.

Commenting on his appointment Will Silva said:

“The whole point of our development strategy is to allow opticians to manage in real-time the interaction with their patients, as if they were sitting in a chair right beside them.

“This software takes facial recognition to a whole new level, allowing for dynamic movement so that readings can be taken even when a person is not held in a fixed position – it’s the Holy Grail for remote optical technology.

“Through our modularity framework, this allows for maximum flexibility with the optometrist community, allowing them to build their own platform as they see fit. Our open API allows any number of the third parties to utilise the platform to their own specifications.”

CEO Mark Roger commented:

“The technology behind IbisVision is so specialist that in order to refine it further we need the best in class talent – Will’s expertise across various seller/client platforms means that he understands the importance of a dynamic relationship between these two key actors. With the technical experience to be able to finesse our facial recognition software, which is ground breaking in any context, Will can ensure that the platform is always meeting the exacting demands of the optometrist community and our third-party commercial partners.”