Remote-triage: Helping to solve pain points for eye care professionals

Thu 29th June 2023

Virtual care solutions being the first stop for appointments can make a huge difference to day-to-day practices in optometry. Remote triage is already being successfully implemented in other healthcare industries and is now trickling out into other sectors where it can, and will be, extremely effective.

What is remote-triage?

It is a virtual solution, also often referred to as tele-triage, that can help you to manage patient capacity. It comes in different forms depending on the industry but essentially it is a way for patients to be screened before their clinician decides on the pathway that is best for them. This can be through video consultations, forms, questionnaires, and anything else specific to that industry.

In optometry there are numerous pain points which need to be solved. Some of these include:

– Emergency appointments
– Lack of staff
– Waiting lists
– Limited optometrist coverage

Plus, much more.

Remote-triage can offer a solution to this with a way to effectively manage fluctuations in appointments, appointment durations and encourage attendance from patients. Remote triage is the perfect way to enhance and improve the patient experience, especially in optometry where time savings in practice make all the difference to both the patient and optometrist.

When looking for remote-triage solutions in optometry, IbisVision has one to be considered. We have a built-in triage solution within our IBIS-Connect platform that can allow you to carry out remote triage hassle-free and save you time and money in-practice. Find out more about what we offer, here.

Remote-triage could help you transform your patient journey, save staff time and give you the flexibility required in a busy optometry space.

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