Roche Start-Up Day 2022

Thu 10th November 2022

This week is Roche’s Digital Innovation Week, and IbisVision have been lucky enough to be selected to appear alongside eight other start-ups to help solve an identified problem in Ophthalmology. Our COO will be in Basel on Thursday 10th November to share more about our business, our technology, and our telemedicine platform. This is an exciting event for IbisVision as we will be in the company of key stakeholders at Roche as well their official partners including IBM and Microsoft.

This Digital Innovation Week is hosted by Roche Digital InnoLab and as part of this, the Start-Up Day is dedicated to finding digital innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. The challenges identified by Roche this year have been in Ophthalmology and Women’s Health. Companies from across the world applied to travel to Switzerland and present solutions to these problems. We’re delighted to have been one of the 26 successful start-up amongst a pool of 300 qualified applicants.

The opportunity this event provides IbisVision is great and gives us an excellent platform to share more about how telemedicine solution for optometry and how it can transform the patient journey from start to finish.

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