Scotland’s IbisVision selects US for roll-out of remote refraction technology

Thu 08th September 2022

IbisVision, the leading developer of remote ophthalmic technology, will roll-out its new refraction-based eye tests in the US as it seeks to tap into expertise in the world’s largest eyecare market and expand the number of early adopters it works with to help patients access eyecare more easily.

The Glasgow, Scotland-based company will be attending Vision Expo in Las Vegas in September where it hopes to conclude agreements with a number of US-based forward-looking eyecare groups. At the event IbisVision will be connecting with leading companies including VSP Vision, Topcon Healthcare and Essilor.

While the company already has extensive networks in the UK and works with the state-sponsored National Health Service, most recently on a project to extend childhood eyecare, the US is a vast and varied ophthalmic industry. The sector there dwarfs other markets and is a hotbed of technology development which can help IbisVision hone its products for the widest number of companies around the world. The country’s large rural catchment areas and densely populated urban areas, where distance and congestion can limit in-person consultations, also open up huge potential for developing the future of eyecare technology.

IbisVision’s latest technology allows opticians to determine the refractive power for corrective lenses that are needed by patients over a simple internet connection. Until now, the remote technology has been able to determine eyecare issues and the need for corrective lenses as a triage measure which then allowed for later in-person prescription calculations. The unique refraction technology will be added to IbisVision’s fully regulated and compliant platform.

IbisVision’s CEO Mark Roger said “We’ve been ramping up our US operations for some time, but it’s fair to say that the country is now the main focus for our growth and development. The reason is not difficult to see: it’s the global leader in technology; it invests vast amounts at the top end of medical science; and has the range of forward looking businesses who know that optometry among all disciplines has remote technology potential. We already have friends and investors in the US – now we want partners who can deploy our platform and most importantly patients who’ll benefit from our technology.”



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