We have strong links with the world’s largest eyecare market – why wouldn’t we be focusing on the US?

Wed 07th September 2022

For a proudly Glasgow-based company like IbisVision, we are sometimes asked why we have such a global focus. Surely the aim is to shore up our own domestic UK market first before we try and work elsewhere?

The answer to that is an emphatic no – there are rich and varied eyecare markets around the world and already we’ve had a foray into India through our kiosks programme. However, nothing compares to the US when it comes to the size of the market, the various types of clients that we can deal with (from hospitals through to eyecare chains through to healthcare conglomerates), and the market make up in terms of vast physical differences and an ageing population. Put it like this – if we can crack the US first, we will be able to provide our groundbreaking technology to the patients that need it anywhere around the world.

And to get into the US market, one of the best places to be in September is Las Vegas for Vision Expo where the entire US eyecare industry comes together to see the latest technology and solutions. As we said, what happens here is a harbinger of what will happen to the global sector in coming years. We’re looking forward to meeting companies that we hope will be our partners and the myriad of healthcare, technology and business journalists who descend on the city for the event.

In fact, for a Glasgow eyecare company to grow and make a difference in the world, there’s nowhere better to be than a city in the Mojave Desert!

If you’ll be at Vision Expo from the 15th-17th September our team would love to meet you! Email us at info@ibisvision.co.uk to arrange a meeting with one of our team.