What is a health kiosk and why are they important?

Thu 05th August 2021

Health kiosks are helping to make healthcare more accessible for everyone

Health kiosks are an advancement in medical technology and are allowing healthcare to become more accessible for all. Kiosks are electronic machines that help the public access health screenings quickly and easily. Some are used by hospitals and doctors as simple check-in systems but others are much more advanced. 
Health kiosks can provide indicators on general health status and can alert patients if they have any health needs that require further attention. Companies such as HigiPulse Active Stations Network and Wellme are at the forefront of this medical technology. 
Why are health kiosks important? 
Health kiosks are being placed in locations such as supermarkets and workplaces to help act as early warning systems for various health problems. Diagnostic tools are flagging things such as weight issues and high blood pressure and now companies like IbisVision are providing additional screenings to add to this list of early detection techniques. Adding eye testing to kiosks will help to detect vision changes without an individual having to first of all visit an optometrist or doctor. If there are any issues, similar to the other diagnostic tests, the kiosk will advise the patient on where to seek further help. 
The benefits of health kiosks are key to their success. They allow patients to be in control of their health screenings and provide ways to get these done quickly and when it is convenient for the individual. This means the patient only has to visit their healthcare provider if a potential health issue is flagged up by the kiosk itself. This, in turn, saves the provider time and money as well as the patient. 
Having control over healthcare experiences can make it a lot less daunting and takes the initial stress out of going for an appointment. Many people still prefer to visit their provider, but health kiosks are providing a whole new way of undertaking health check-ups and this is very attractive to a great number of people. With a variety of kiosks available, there are all shapes and sizes to suit different demographics and high-footfall environments. 
IbisVision provides vision testing technology to health kiosks as part of our product offering. To find out more, get in touch with us, here.