The demand for home eye care services is set to surge in the coming years as a result of the UK’s ageing population ( There are many opportunities within this sector for optometrists, especially as myths have started to be busted on the technology used in this line of work. Technology can massively help to support domiciliary care and access to this is growing in the sector. IbisVision is one such platform that has the tools to do this and help your business.

What do we offer that supports domiciliary optometry?

Flexibility and accessibility

Our platform can be used anywhere, all that’s required is a device and an internet connection. Compatible devices include a laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop. This makes it portable and easy for the optometrists to take out on the road with them to visit each patient, or even perform some tasks remotely if required.


A variety of online tests

IBIS-Connect has a variety of online eye tests that can be completed anywhere using the devices mentioned above. Choose from a selection of tests including:

Visual Acuity
– Crowded Logmar
– Open Logmar
– Random E
– ICN Vision Test
– Kay’s Optotypes
Visual Field

Access all of these tests online and in one place via our platform.


Remote capabilities

If you’re looking for a remote option as well as a portable solution, IBIS-Connect is perfect for you. With our platform you have the ability to be anywhere when completing remote eye tests or triage. Connect with your patients on their devices at home while you’re in the office or out and about, it’s as simple as that.


Triage options

Triage is often a time-consuming part of the eye testing process. That’s why we have all the tools that you need on our platform to complete triage in-person or remotely before you see your patient. We have live video conferencing available as well as questionnaire building abilities in our platform to allow you to gather all the necessary information you need for your patient. If you do not wish to complete triage remotely, our questionnaire and note taking functions are perfect for in-person visits too.


Find out more about our platform and how it can support domiciliary optometry by getting in touch with us today, here.

Not everyone is able to visit their opticians to attend eye tests, and this can be caused by a number of reasons which include physical and mental disabilities. These individuals are also often those who need access to eye care the most and this is why portable vision testing technology is a great addition for optometrists who provide domiciliary care. 
Technology, like IbisVision’s, helps to cut down the amount of equipment that optometrists need to take out to their patient’s homes. At the moment, optometrists often take a number of pieces of equipment with them and having technology available to them that holds a number of tests will make their jobs easier. It also makes the patient experience smoother in their homes and making the process as easy as possible is in the best interest of the patient and their wellbeing. 
Innovative vision testing software supports the domiciliary journey for both the optometrist and the patient, and allows the optometrist to carry out tests efficiently in order to determine the patient’s needs for vision care. This makes it easier for them to provide continuity of care too. Talk to our team today about how we can support your business with portable vision testing technology. You can get in touch with us, here.