The IbisVision team recently made the trip down to Birmingham where we completed training at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We worked with and led training for a group of Orthoptists who will be using the IBIS-Connect platform in a comparative evaluation, comparing the assessment of children’s vision remotely versus in-person visits. This is part of a wider series of clinical evaluations involving several trusts in England and Scotland at locations in Falkirk, Stirling, Dunfermline, Glasgow and the Highlands.

This is in addition to other projects we are currently working on with the NHS including our contract with NHS Forth Valley who we have been working with since 2021. You can read more about this, here.

To find out more about the IBIS-Connect platform that will be in use at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, get in touch with us here.

IbisVision has been working with Forth Valley NHS since 2021 to develop a remote vision screening platform solution that could integrate into wider NHS services & Ophthalmic patient pathways.

We are pleased to announce that we will be extending our contract while our platform undergoes a multi-centre 12-month clinical validation in up to 5 sites across Scotland and one site in England in Amblyopia, commencing in April 2023. The aim is to prove IbisVision’s IBIS-Connect platform can increase patient screening capacity and improve overall patient monitoring efficiency.

Our work on this project so far has allowed us to explore our telemedicine platform and offer clinicians across the Forth Valley health board the opportunity to gain access to our technology and test it for themselves. IbisVision was originally one of two companies chosen to work on this project to develop remote eye tests so that vision problems can be more easily detected, monitored, and managed.

Find out more about our work with Forth Valley NHS, here.