The Optoversity Challenge is a great event with a social effort at its centre. IbisVision is once again supporting this amazing event and the charity it’s in aid of. We recently announced our support of the challenge, and we thought we’d do a deep dive into the event to explain what it is, who’s involved and what it’s all for! Keep on reading to find out.

What is the Optoversity Challenge?

The Optoversity Challenge takes place online and brings together students from 11 universities from all around the UK, with students from all year groups taking part. Each year group is presented with an optometry challenge that they must solve with their peers and compete to be the top team in their year. The finalists from each year will then go on to attend 100% Optical, one of the leading UK optometry events, at the end of February for the chance to come first place in the entire challenge! This event is organised by Out of the Box Optics, all in aid of Vision Care for Homeless People.

So, who are these companies organising the event?

Out of the Box Optics is a company that acts as a resource for opportunities that exist outside of regular practice. This organisation believes in mentorship and in providing educational support, and they work to provide educational masterclasses and events that allow students and young optometrists to progress in their studies and in their fields.

Vision Care for Homeless People (VCHP) is a charity set up to provide eye care to homeless people and other vulnerable groups in society that need a safe, friendly environment to access eye care. The majority of homeless and vulnerable don’t receive financial benefits so aren’t eligible for NHS eye exams and vouchers towards their glasses. VCHP aims to help solve this problem by preserving, protecting and promoting ocular health for those unable to access mainstream services.

What does the Optoversity Challenge support?

By raising money through sponsorship and donations, the challenge provides funds for VCHP to put towards helping the vulnerable in society. As mentioned above, many people are unable to access mainstream eye care services. The money raised from the event goes towards VCHP implementing and discovering new ways of providing these services.

Why does IbisVision support this event?

IbisVision’s technology helps to make eye care accessible. The vision of those who created the challenge, Out of the Box Optics and VCHP closely aligns with ours. Our telemedicine solution allows anyone to have an eye test with the right equipment and we can see how funding to access services like ours and others in the industry could help those who need it to take care of their vision.

Why should you support this cause and how do you do it?

If you’re looking to support a great cause in the UK and in the optometry sector, this is definitely one to look at. You would be helping to give people the opportunity to access eye care services no matter their circumstances.

There are still sponsorship opportunities available for businesses or you can simply donate. Get in touch with VCHP to do so, here.

How can you keep up to date with this event?

Make sure to stay tuned to our social channels for updates on this amazing event. Follow the event on the pages below!

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